Traditional norwegian Christmas food

Christmas lunch and dinner

Seafood plate

Two types of pickled herring, shrimps and mussels in homemade "skagenrøre". Serves with bread.

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Rib lunch

Fried pork ribs served on a slice of bread topped with red cabbage, salad and mustard.

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Cowboy Plate

Boat potatoes, bacon, beans and two speck eggs - served with bread.

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Vegetarian omelet filled with onion, peppers and mushroom.
Served with bread.

If you want bacon or other ingredients in your omelet, this is possible.

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Venners Piri Piri

Six large prawns cooked in white wine with chilli and garlic oil.
Served with aioli, bread and butter.

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Venners Big Burger

Venners burger on brioche burgerbread with salad, tomato, red onion, melted cheese and burger dressing.
Served with french fries.

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Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs

Sandwich with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, green salad and mustard.

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Smoked salmon in applesauce

The salty smoked salmon gets stronger in the flavor when cooked. Together with the sweet cinnamon spiced apple puree, it becomes an exciting and highly successful taste combination.

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Cured lamb with sliced pear and Manchenge Cheese

This appetizer is a perfect door opener for your party dinner.

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Cured lamb with potato salad and cracking bread

A classic starter, perfect when the maindish is meat.

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Main dishes

Main dishes

Christmas Plate

Traditional christmas plate from the east of Norway.
Pork ribs, meat cake and sauerkraut with christmas sauce and potatos.

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Tradition plate mainly from north of Norway.
Lutefisk served with peas, coarse mustard, bacon and potatoes is Norwegian tradition at its best.

kr 420 ,-

Full pork rib plate

Served with Christmas sauce, red cabbage, potatoes and lingonberries.

kr 380 ,-

Pinnekjøtt (lamb ribs)

A traditional plate from the west of norway. For many there is no christmas without "pinnekjøtt".
The Christmas pinch meat is served with swede mashed and potatos.

kr 450 ,-

Pan fried cod rolled in bacon

Served with pea stew and sweet potato.

kr 350 ,-



Vanilla ice cream with gingerbread

Served with caramel sauce.

kr 90 ,-

Rice cream

Rice cream is a traditional scandinavian dessert, based of rice porridge, sugar, vanilla sugar and whipped cream.

The homemade "Riskrem" is a wonderful ending to the Christmas dinner.

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Cloudberry cream

Norwegians grew up with this dessert for Christmas. Cloudberry cream is served with wafer biscuits.

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