Venner menu

Main dishes

Venner's Piri Piri

The ideal appetizer
Large shrimps cooked with white wine, chili and garlic oil
Served with bread and aioli sauce

kr 130 ,-

Cowboy plate

Bacon and eggs, beans in tomato sauce and fried potatoes
Served with salad and bread

kr 160 ,-


Vegetarian omelette made with eggs, onion, peppers, mushrooms, bread and salad

kr 160 ,-

Club Sandwich

Toasted bread with eggs, chicken, bacon and salad
Served with french fries

kr 170 ,-

Fish 'N' Chips

Breaded fish served with french fries, pickled red onion and tartarsauce

kr 180 ,-

Classical Chopped Steak

Chopped tenderloin steak, baked with vegetables
Served with french fries, salad and homemade bearnaise sauce

kr 189 ,-

Caesar Salad

Marinated chicken fillet with salad, bacon, red onion, croutons and Venner's homemade caesardressing topped with parmesan

kr 190 ,-


Served with pommes frites, vegetables and bearnaise sauce

kr 290 ,-

Speciality dishes

Speciality dishes

Baked deer

Served with bean puree, sweet potato and red wine sauce

kr 270 ,-

Steak Tenderloin

Served with fried vegetables and mushroom sauce

kr 289 ,-

Foilbaked cod

Served with vegetables, potatoes and homemade butter sauce

kr 225 ,-


This is a variant of stockfish an is unsalted cod partially dried by sun and wind on drying flakes (´hjell´) or on a wall.

Served with bacon, potatoes and carrot stew.

kr 400 ,-


Rødsei also known as "old salted herring", is ripe salty herring on the barrel.

Served with potatoes, flatbread, bacon and stew.

kr 410 ,-



Venner's Big Burger

200g Beefburger served with melted cheddarcheese, tomato, onion, salad and homemade aioli

kr 190 ,-

Venner´s Chicken Burger

Marinated chicken filet served with melted cheddarcheese, bacon, tomato, onion, salad and homemade burgerdressing

kr 190 ,-



Carbonara Pasta

Fresh pasta with bacon, onion, white wine and creamed sauce
Topped with parmesan and served with bread

kr 178 ,-

Herbal pasta with chicken

Freshly made herbal pasta with chicken, mushroom, red onion, white wine and creamed sauce
Topped with parmesan and served with bread

kr 178 ,-

Bolognese Pasta

Fresh tagliatelle with classic italian bolognese ragu made of beef, tomato and special herbs.

kr 178 ,-

Apple Pie

The traditional apple pie

kr 89 ,-


We serve the following flavours: Vanilla, Strawberries, Oreo, Caramel.
Price per one cup.

kr 15 ,-



Baked Potato

Potato filled with the special mix of the day. Choose from: ChickenCurry, ShrimpMix or TunaMajo

kr 99 ,-


With meat dough and melted cheese.
Served with sour cream and salsa.
Also available without meat dough

kr 139/89 ,-

Manhattan Mix

Onion rings, chicken wings and french fries. Served with dip

kr 148 ,-

French fries

French fries served with aioli sauce

kr 79 ,-


Peanuts or chillynuts, by choice

kr 35 ,-